Top 5 Cozy Places on Campus

As I reach my fourth and final year on this campus, I can proudly say I’ve been able to find many hidden cozy places to chill out/take a nap in. When I was a freshman, I was placed in Mary Lyon dorm (ML), which is a roughly twenty-minute walk from campus, I often didn’t have time to run back home to chill out. If there was a spare 20-30 minutes and I desperately needed to find a place to rest my head, I was able to do so by finding various cozy places on campus! Here are my top 5 cozy places on campus to relax and or nap in!

  1. Lounge Chairs on McCabe Third.

McCabe is already a pretty quiet library, but the third floor is extraordinarily quiet which makes it the perfect environment to lay your head down and chill out. As long as you don’t snore too loudly, you should be able to catch a couple of z’s while there as well! I hate napping in public spaces, but hardly anyone comes up to McCabe third so you should feel free to nap away!

  1. The IdeaLab in Beardsley

I straight up didn’t even know this place existed until this semester. I’ve been to Beardsley before, but mainly it was just to print out things in color at the Media Center. Little did I know that in that basement, there was also a super cozy room called the IdeaLab! There are bean bag chairs, a green screen, a big TV, an Xbox, and so much more hiding in this little space! Not too many Swatties know about this little hideout, so feel free to bring a few friends to hang out, or keep it to yourself and relax at your own leisure. 

  1. The Couches in the Computer Science Hallway

I have never had a computer science class here, and since I’m a graduating senior, I never will, BUT I have taken advantage of the couches in the computer science hallway in Sci Center many many times. It’s a nice quiet space to do your homework or casually hang out with some friends, but best of all there are actual couches to lie down on! There’s something nostalgic about napping on a couch. It reminds me of watching a movie on the couch as a kid and accidentally falling asleep and waking up in your own bed. Needless to say, I’ve had some of my best naps on the computer science couches. 

  1. The Couch on the Third Floor of LPAC

This one is a rare find that I’ve also recently discovered! Tucked away in a small corner in front of the design studio on the third floor of LPAC, this couch offers sweet dreams and privacy. The class schedule for the design studio is posted outside of the door, so you can plan your naps accordingly. I’m actually taking Set Design this semester, so whenever I have a break during that class, I take advantage of that couch. It’s a nice quiet place to rest your eyes. 

  1. Parrish Beach

This one is definitely more public than the other cozy places I’ve listed, but it needs to be on this list. There’s nothing quite like lying your head down to rest on the soft green grass of Parrish beach and soaking in the sunshine. There are lawn chairs out now too to encourage you to relax outside. Now that the weather is nice, tons of Swatties are taking advantage of this space to have meals outside together or find a shady spot to take a little nap in. You can rest easy knowing that the bell tower will wake you up in time for your next class.

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