Swarthmore Springtime

As a person from Hawaii, one of the things that blew my mind when I came to Swarthmore was the fact that spring is an actual season. Like, things actually came back to life during March and April. When I was a freshman, I would stare at every single plant on campus with a completely awestruck look on my face, amazed at how everything began blooming almost all at once.

That being said, Swarthmore has a lot of things that bloom when spring rolls around. One of my favorite examples is the Cherry Border, which is close to the stone sign that greets you when you drive up to Parrish Hall. In the springtime, the cherry blossom trees that line the lawn come alive with pastel pink blossoms that fall to the ground with a simple breeze. It almost seems like a scene out of an anime, and it’s also one of the most beautiful places on campus to take photos during the springtime.

  • Trees bloom in the Cherry Border Garden on the campus of Swarthmore College. In the foreground, a low, horizontal natural stone reads "Swarthmore College 1864".
  • Cherry trees blooming in white and pink on a sunny day in Swarthmore College's Cherry Border.
  • Cherry blossoms bloom on the campus of Swarthmore College. Two pairs of people walk among the blooming cherry trees. A small group sits beneath the arching limbs of a tree near the center. All of the people are far enough away, you cannot identify who they might be.

The Cherry Border Garden on the campus of Swarthmore College.

But that’s not the only thing that comes alive when March comes. Interspersed throughout the campus are magnolia trees that bloom with vibrant magnolia flowers during the spring, bringing the campus to life. Actually, because Swarthmore is part arboretum, almost everything on campus seems to come to life, but the magnolia trees stick out the most because when they bloom, the tree itself becomes covered with large, magnificent flowers, just like the cherry blossom trees that adorn the Cherry Border.

Flowering magnolia trees on the campus of Swarthmore College.

That’s not all though. The biggest thing that springtime brings to Swarthmore is the ability to enjoy the outdoors. When spring comes, students almost swarm Parrish Beach complete with blankets, food, and laptops to enjoy the sunlight streaming down after a cold, gray winter. Everywhere I go, there’s someone sitting outside studying or talking, which helps the campus come alive in the later months of spring semester. Seeing the campus come to life, both literally and figuratively is a sight to behold

Students gathering, napping, relaxing, and studying on Parrish Beach.

So, if you want to visit campus, do so in the spring. You won’t regret it.

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