pARTy at Swarthmore

This past Friday the Art and Art History Department’s sixth annual pARTy brought Swarthmore faculty and students together to enjoy food trucks and live music while viewing the art installations from students in ceramics, painting, and sculpture. 

Ceramics on view

As my friends and I approached Beardsley Hall, we were immediately hit with the smell of freshly baked waffles and fried chicken drifting from the event’s two food stalls. For dinner, I had a vegetable sandwich with mushrooms, lettuce, onions, roasted eggplant, hot peppers, and honey mustard truffle vinaigrette. For dessert, I munched on the peeber jeeber waffle with peanut butter and mixed berry compote. Delicious!  

Once inside, the three floors of Beardsley Hall were bustling with activity and conversation. The first floor offered mingling space where students could view sculpture works from students. After approaching the second floor, we were immediately captivated by the sounds of music coming from the painting studio. Party goers swayed and sang along with the music – some even began dancing in front of the band. The second floor also featured the painting studios of senior art majors; most majors sat in their respective studio spaces and showcased their wonderful paintings to eager art appreciators. Finally, the third floor offered a multitude of spaces – a small philosophy exhibition, rooms for karaoke, a photo booth, and a collection of ceramics on view in the studio.

Students dancing and listening to music

My friends and I had an amazing time at the event! pARTy blends socializing and art appreciation in a unique and inclusive party environment. Students over 21 can drink in a safe, open environment which many students have difficulty finding in other social spaces on campus.

Ultimately, pARTy is a celebration of the Art and Art History Department. Many who attend pARTy have never stepped foot into Beardsley Hall before, but leave with a greater appreciation of the art scene on campus. Kaavya Arakoni ‘21 stated that, “This year’s pARTy was the first time I had walked into Beardsley. Not many people know about what is going on with the Art and Art History department so I think this event is helpful in showing the community all of the talents of these students. pARTy was the perfect way for me to get engaged with Swat’s art community and I definitely will be checking out the List Gallery and other art spaces on campus now.”


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