Spring at Swat

This past week marked Swarthmore’s transition into the spring season. Daffodils began blooming along the pathways on campus, blossoms began growing on trees, students started working on homework outside, and the best part, my allergies are back!

As a West Coast student with no conception of seasonal differences, watching the campus transition into spring has been one of my favorite parts of living on the East Coast. Watching the dry, barren trees blossom once again and finally feeling the warmth of the sun again after months of snow and 30 degree days has been wonderful. As I walked along Parrish Beach this morning, students were tanning, listening to music, doing work, flying kites, juggling, and playing games – Swat comes alive in the spring.

Blooming tulips!

Spring in our own words:

“Spring at Swat is beautiful, full of pollen, and fairy-like. The sun absorbs all the stress”    -Yi Wei ’21

“I’ve been waiting all year for the saucer magnolia to blossom” -Chili Shi ’22

“I’m excited to see the campus at its most beautiful. I’m also excited to take advantage of Parrish Beach and the socializing that happens there in the spring – being cooped up in the library all day can be a lot so this will be a nice break. I’m also excited to meet new people; if everyone is out and about I’ll get to know people that I’ve never even seen before” -Lydia Churchill ’22

Spring also comes with a multitude of fun Swarthmore traditions and rituals: watching baseball games on the NPPR terrace, going to Worthstock (Swarthmore’s spring music festival), visiting the List Gallery to view the art shows of the graduating senior Art majors, visiting the food trucks at the pARTy (thrown by the Art History department), and more.

Swat is the best version of itself each spring. The spirit of the school comes out this season – students are active, engaged, and excited. The campus truly comes alive!


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