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Sophomore Slumps and Spring Semester

Unfortunately, for better or worse, I’ve fallen into the dreaded Sophomore Slump; a time where sophomores fail to live up to the ideals of college life they’ve held in freshman year. And, to my misfortune, the sophomore slump seems to have finally caught up despite going to one of the most renowned liberal arts colleges in the United States. Go figure.

Given Swarthmore’s undergraduate curriculum and my own activities, it’s no surprise that I was sucked into the dreaded slump. On top of classes and activities, I have to figure out what my major should be; a major crossroads in my academic career. And here at Swarthmore, this process is made into a major part of our sophomore year: the Sophomore Plan, where students draft a plan of study for their final two years at Swarthmore. Make that identity crisis times two. And even though I’ve meticulously planned out my coursework for my junior and senior year, somehow the Sophomore Plan complicates things by making me put this plan into prose. So maybe that had a factor in my current situation.

So, how have I been coping with the dreaded sophomore slump? Despite having a bad week, things are looking up. Spring break is just around the corner and I’m planning on using it as a sort of catch-up-and-relax week (no, I won’t be going home for break; I live in Hawaii so unfortunately that is unfeasible for me). I’ve been trying to discover new places to work because Kohlberg and Sci simply don’t cut it for me anymore, and in that process I’ve found a home in Underhill Library and with the music faculty at Swarthmore (which is fitting for a prospective music major). And I do have a stable support system here; I know that the faculty are willing to listen to my struggles and assist me in any way possible, as well as a supportive group of friends who I can at least relax with.

That brings me to an unfortunate reality of life which I try to explain in this post: there will inevitably be highs and lows in your academic career, no matter what college you go to. Thus, it’s essential that you go to a college that fits you, regardless of prestige or reputation. Here at Swarthmore, I’ve found an incredibly supportive faculty in my field of study and friends who can show me how to relax a little. And I hope that wherever you go, dear reader, you will find the same.