Character Development

It’s February, and so far, I’ve been extremely busy.

On the academic side, I have three music classes and one linguistics class on my plate, and so far all I can say is that somehow, I am still alive and my head is above water. It helps that the professors I have this semester are incredibly kind and understanding; I am pretty sure I vented to my music theory professor about the current stressors in my daily schedule. Back at my high school, I wouldn’t dare talk to any of my teachers about any of this stuff, always keeping them at least an arm length’s away out of fear that somehow, I’d be punished for asking for help or admitting weakness. Here, at least I know my professors have my back, though I still am working on asking for extensions on stuff. I suppose I have to start somewhere.

On the extracurricular side, I’m currently trying to figure out how to be a music director and I’ve just finished applying for summer funding for an independent project I want to do (and surprise, it’s also music related). Yes, both of these things have a steep learning curve; I’ve definitely never written a research proposal before, nor have I ever figured out how to lead the musical side of a musical production, but so far I think I’m doing alright for an absolute newbie at both of these things. Especially for someone who has never even been exposed to doing any of this stuff.

I’ve also had plenty of new experiences since coming here aside from the whole academic and extracurricular stuff on my plate. I joined chorus for the first time ever, and somehow magically made it to Garnet Singers on top of that, and, as it turns out, I actually like singing choir music (well, except for trying to sing ear-splitting high notes; I also found out I am a soprano). Let’s just say that choir is definitely different than band, especially when you used to play an instrument that only ever drones out whole notes or bass lines (I played bass clarinet in wind ensemble, in case you were wondering). When it comes to new experiences, I cannot forget going to Chinatowns, complete with bubble tea, hot pot places, and extremely good food.

So, yes, I am extremely busy. But I’ve also grown so much more than if I had just stayed in Hawaii. Is it hard? Yes, but I have people to talk to and faculty who I can turn to during tough times. Is it tiring sometimes? Of course, but thankfully I have coffee and time management skills to help ease the load, and if I need to, I can ask for extensions. But do I regret taking all of this on at once? Nope.

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