What to Do When You Run Out of Dining Dollars

The inevitable just happened. While one may have tried their best to budget and save their dining dollars to stretch until the end of the semester, the chai lattes at Science Center Cafe got the best of them. Weekend brunch in the Ville and grabbing take out at Sci likely contributed to this as well.

Every on-campus Swarthmore meal plan includes Dining Dollars, which is money given to you in your meal plan that can be used at college dining venues. Every on-campus meal plan also gives you Swat Points, which are dollars that can be used at campus dining venues, as well as at the Swarthmore Campus and Community Store and at participating merchants in the Borough of Swarthmore.

Here are three steps to satisfy your appetite for non-meal-swipe food at Swarthmore after you’ve spent all your dining dollars and swat points.

  1. Bum off your friends!

That’s what friends are for. Odds are, at least one of your friends is an avid fan of Sharples and/or never goes to Sci Cafe and they’ll be more than willing to share their points. If your friend isn’t around when you want something to drink? No problem! Have them order it for you on the Get app. Other options include stealing someone’s OneCard when they’re not looking (don’t recommend), or asking a random stranger if they have points left.

  1. Go to club events!

Almost every club at Swarthmore hosts an event on campus that revolves around food weekly. Some are even open to non club members! These club events are usually catered from local and chain restaurants. There will always be leftovers which will undoubtedly be posted about in the Facebook group. It’s easy to take home plates full from one club event, or maybe even three. 

  1. Attend College sponsored events!

Similarly to club events, the College hosts a variety of events on campus from community conversations with faculty, staff, and students, to weekly cupcake celebrations by the Center for Innovation and Leadership. Whichever even you decide to attend, this food is the best of the best as it’s catered (often from high-end restaurants) and you take as much as you like!

Other honorable mentions include going to the Crumb Cafe, though the only downside is that it doesn’t open until 9 pm, or going to Sharples and making it work for you. Either way, there are plenty of ways to receive delicious food on campus after running out of dining dollars and swat points.

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