“Can I have a #3 bagel, cream cheese subbed with hummus?”

Past the academic buildings, dorms, dining hall, and beyond the SEPTA train station lies the small town of Swarthmore, referred to as the ville. The ville consists of two streets, seven restaurants and one local grocery store. My all time favorite eatery is a small corner coffee shop called Hobbs. 

The outside of Hobbs coffee shop in the ville

On a fine Saturday morning, I like to head to Hobbs for brunch. It’s a great place to work outside of libraries and classrooms. From baked goods to sandwiches to salads, Hobbs offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options. Personally the best part about Hobbs is the customizable bagel sandwiches. I am a huge fan of their #3 bagel sandwiches (comes with: cream cheese, tomato, and avocado) subbing cream cheese with hummus on an everything bagel toasted. 

Studying for my Behavioral Economics Final at Hobbs during finals week

After a short wait they call out your name and your order is served. The bagels come fresh and warm in tin foil wraps. I eagerly peel the foil off the bagel, hold it sideways, making sure not a single drop of hummus falls, and take my first bite. Fresh veggies, savory hummus spread, and chewy bagel crust. It is the perfect trio. 

A #3 bagel sandwich with hummus

After a long week of lectures, assignments, and meetings, my weekend retreat at Hobbs prepares me well for the approaching week. So, can I have a #3 bagel, cream cheese subbed with hummus?

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