Why I Chose Swat

I am now a senior at Swarthmore College which feels wild to say. This campus has been my home for the past four years and now it’s coming to an end. I’m super thankful for all of the friends I’ve made here, the things I’ve created, the classes I’ve taken, the lessons I’ve learned, and so much more. As I look back on my experience here, I’m full of fondness. But why did I choose Swat in the first place amongst other college choices? 

The Financial Aid

Swarthmore College offered the most financial aid out of my college choices and this was a HUGE factor when it came to making my decision. College is a huge investment and I really wanted to avoid going into debt if I could. Besides the great financial aid, I was also able to find some really cool and laid back campus jobs! My main job is a cashier at the Swarthmore Campus and Community Store which I love, but if I ever need to pick up a few shifts doing something else, like ushering a show, I can do that! Swarthmore offers a lot of help to students who need it. All of your textbooks expenses are paid for through your tuition, the campus is cash free so you use your OneCard to pay for meals and snacks, and there’s even an emergency fund for students who need financial assistance in a serious time of need. College can be extremely expensive, and Swat does what it can to lessen that load. 

The Class Sizes and Professors

I come from a very small town in Bishop, so I was a bit worried about the transition from my hometown to Swat, but the class sizes were kept pretty small which allowed for a lot of guidance and help from professors when I needed it. At first, I was anxious about speaking in class because I felt like whatever I had to say wasn’t intelligent enough or worth saying, but luckily my professors were all very encouraging about getting me to speak without pressuring me to do so. I think the biggest class I was ever in was Acting One which had about 25 students, and we still got lots of one on one attention from the professor and it ended up being one of my favorite classes. Overall, the small class sizes allowed me to really get to know my fellow classmates and the professor. 

The Campus

I mean, the campus is technically an arboretum so how can it not be gorgeous? The campus changes with the seasons so you get to witness beautful colors of yellow, orange, and red leaves as they fall of the trees, fresh fallen snow you crunch on your way to classes, wonderful pink cherry blossoms blooming in spring, and etc. We’re also right by the Crum Woods which has saved me so much stress over the years. A simple walk in the woods among nature and all sorts of wildlife can really help you destress. Also, a nap on a nice sunny day on Parrish beach is unparalleled. 

The People

I have made some of my best friends here. People that will be in my life for as long as possible. This was another big factor that tipped Swarthmore in my favor. I went to SwatStruck and I had the best host ever! They took me to their screenwriting class and I got to help read people’s scripts out loud, I went to their sketch comedy group Boy Meets Tractor (which I am now a part of!), I got to see their acapella group perform in the bell tower, and overall they just made me feel at home. Once I was admitted and came here, they ended up becoming one of my closest friends here! Swarthmore is full of the most talented, intelligent, kind, hilarious people you will ever meet.

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