Top 5 Swat Things/Places/People I Would Romance

It’s that time of year again. The last snows of the year are on their way out and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner romance is in the air. With me being a senior this year, I feel like Swat and I are at that stage and I can say this with full confidence; I love Swat. We’ve been in a pretty serious relationship now for the past four years and I’m so happy I ended up here. But what exactly do I love about Swat? Well many things! But for now, I’ll narrow it down to five. 

  1. The Crum Woods

Listen. Am I obsessed with the Crum Woods? Yes absolutely. And who could blame me? The Crum Woods easily solves all of my problems. I feel stressed? I go on a walk in the Crum and feel instantly better. I feel sad and want to be alone for a bit? I go on a walk in the Crum. I want to feel like I am but a bug crawling on the floor of the woods with no responsibilities to name? I go on a walk in the Crum. The Crum woods are simply a magical part of Swat’s campus that is stunning and full of all sorts of wonderful critters. 

  1. Sharples Desserts

Now say what you will about Sharples, I know it is not a fan favorite for meals sometimes, but its desserts? Always hit no matter what. From their Boston cream pie (my personal favorite) to their various cakes and cookies, every night at Sharples is a good dessert night. If I’m ever not in the mood for a baked good (this has never happened before but maybe one day) then there are always ice cream options! My personal favorite is butter brickle when they have it. When I was in a film class and I had a screening to go to every Tuesday 7-10 PM, it was a weekly ritual for my friends and me to get ice cream from Sharples and walk over together. 

  1. Every Dog I See on Campus

When the pandemic first broke out and anyone who wasn’t a student wasn’t allowed on campus, there was a severe lack of dogs on campus. However, now that the campus is open to visitors again, I am once again greeted on my daily walk to campus by at least five different dogs also going on their daily walks. If I’m not in a hurry as to not be late for class, I will ask their owner if I can pet their dog and they’re usually more than happy to let me do so. There’s such a wide range of dogs that visit this campus and it always lifts my spirits to pet a friendly lil dog. 

  1. The Chicken Lo Mein at Sci Center

Do I have any classes in Sci Center? No. I am a theater and English double major so I rarely have any actual reason to go to Sci Center. However, this doesn’t hinder me from going there. The lobby has very comfortable chairs and is a perfect study space for friends to study hang, however, the real draw is their Chinese food. I have to beat the lunch rush in order to ensure I’ll have my beloved lunch, but the strategizing is worth it. I am in love with the chicken lo mein at sci. It’s delicious and filling and just sparks joy for me. 

  1. Phineas the Phoenix

He’s charming, he’s elusive, he’s kind, he’s full of school spirit, and I want him to be my Valentine this year. Phineas if you’re reading this I’m free the evening of February fourteenth if you’re free February fourteenth when I am free then I am free February fourteenth if you are also free the evening of February fourteenth then let’s make plans. I love you. 

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