Creative Swarthmore Take-Out Meal Spots

Sharples Dining Hall was temporarily closed for the first couple weeks of the spring semester, so students had their first meals after winter break in takeout boxes. While eating in dorm rooms is a classic move on a busy day, here are ideas for other spots to enjoy a takeout meal in a more normal semester:

Dorm common areas – Another classic option but always a safe one. Chances are you’ll find a hall-mate to eat with, and if not it’s a nice break from your room if you plan on spending the evening studying there. Common areas are the perfect in-between of cozy and efficient, with comfortable chairs and tables suitable for simultaneous eating and studying.

Tables outside of Sharples – You won’t have to take your take-out boxes really far with this one! If you can brave the Northeast winter, the tables are perfect for small group meals, and during the warmer months, the breeze and shade make it a pleasant Sharples-adjacent experience.

Classrooms – Before or after a class, or during a weekend study session, classrooms and their ample room for spreading out on large tables makes for a solid meal spot. An upgrade in seriousness from the dorm common areas, the meal would function more as a study break, as often is at Swarthmore, but it would be no less enjoyable in that classroom space.

Parrish Beach – Another ambitious winter move but worth it for a sunnier, warmer lunch. Our quad is great for larger group meals mixed in with the stereotypical college frisbee or football. When the Adirondack chairs are out, circling them and enjoying a take-out Sharples meal is mess-free and luxurious.

Dorm Courtyard – Many Swarthmore dorms are endowed with beautiful courtyards, with sitting areas tucked into green spaces. Sitting at a bench with a take-out box gives all the enjoyment of the other outside options with added privacy if you want to enjoy an intimate outdoor meal.

Parrish Parlor – For a classier meal, the lobby of our campus’ administrative building, which is nearly always open to students, makes for a hip spot. Though the historic rooms may clash with the aesthetic of the disposable meal boxes, the juxtaposition says a lot about the homeyness of our beautiful college.

Crum Woods Our scenic woods makes the perfect place for a relaxing, mindful meal. Perfect for weekends and good weather, bringing food out for a nature-filled picnic makes for a calm afternoon or evening.

Our multiple additional dining options can also be enjoyed in these spots and at others. Sunday night meals at the Science Center are a popular event, and finals week brings huge crowds to Sci Commons.

In their lives at Swarthmore, the students have likely eaten meals in some unconventional locations, from the field house athletic facility, to the Intercultural Center, to walking on the way from Sharples to class!

For a school of our small size, Swarthmore’s dining culture and plentiful options don’t cease to impress.

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