The 10 most popular SwatStories of all time

We have quite a few new followers (shout out to the admitted Class of 2025!), so we thought we’d round up our most popular posts of all time to give you a taste of what this blog (and Swarthmore) are all about! So, without further ado, we present:

1. “What is Interpretation Theory?

2. Top Ten: Swarthmore Favorites

3. Why I chose Swarthmore: 2016

4. Swarthmore Secrets

5. Swat Talk Decoded

6. Why I chose Swarthmore: 2020

7. Discomfort at Swarthmore

8. The Five Stages of the Application Process

9. Sharples Gems

10. How to Choose a College If You’ve Never Visited One

Editor’s note: Popularity is calculated based on absolute number of views per post. It is not the average number of views since the date of posting. Hence, older posts tend to be more popular.

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