Winter Wonderland at Swat

While I may be from California, I actually have seen snow! And I love it! I love getting to dress up in cozy clothes every day, having snowball fights with friends, going sledding, drinking hot chocolate, making snowmen, and etc. However, there is just something so special about Swarthmore’s campus in the winter that I don’t get anywhere else. Here are just a few things that make Swarthmore’s campus a winter wonderland.

5. The Campus Covered in Snow

Okay if you live in ML (one of our dorms) and you have to make the trek to class through said snow because the shuttles aren’t running, you might not appreciate this point as much. Yes, I am talking from experience. That being said, you can’t deny the absolute beauty of Swat’s campus when it is covered in delicate layers of snow. I’m talking about the small icicles that hang from trees and buildings, the gentle snowflakes that catch in your eyelashes on your way to class, the soft crunch of the snow beneath your feet, and the layer of white that covers the whole campus. It’s just breathtaking and makes me feel like I’m Lucy from Narnia when she first steps through the wardrobe. 

4. Warm Beverages

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Say what you will about Sharples, but when it comes to the cozier seasons they NEVER miss with their warm drink selections. While hot chocolate and tea are available year-round, it just hits different when you come in to get a warm meal and to take off your coat and scarf to just settle in the warmth of the dining hall. My absolute favorite drink has to be when they crack open the apple cider for the first time in the holiday season. It’s so warm and sweet and just makes me feel all cozy inside. 

3. Sledding 

Whether it be on a borrowed tray from Sharples or on an actual sled, this is a favorite tradition of mine. Sledding brings back such nostalgic memories for me and I love making new ones at Swat! Whether it’s a bit of a failure (snow too soft to actually go down on) or a success (catching air at unexpected heights), sledding on campus is always a wonderful experience that truly encapsulates the winter wonderland feel of Swarthmore’s campus. 

2. Reading a Book while Staying Cozy at McCabe

Listen. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand more times, I LOVE McCabe! It is the BEST library on campus – prove me wrong. And one of the best winter wonderland feelings is cozying up with a good book in a lil desk by a window. You can take long sips from hot chocolate you got at Sharples and simply look out the window and feel like you’re staring into a snowglobe. The vibes are unbeatable.

  1. Simply Walking Around Campus

I love how beautiful our campus is, but it is especially gorgeous in the winter and I just love getting to go outside and enjoy the crisp cool air. With the cold weather, of course, comes the danger of ice patches (I’ve slipped and fallen many times in my day), but there is just no greater simple joy than putting on your snow boots and feeling the snow give way and crunch beneath your feet. The air nips at your nose and you can see your breath and you just feel cozy and safe. 

Winter may not be my favorite season (Halloween will always be my favorite holiday and my favorite time of the year) but I can’t deny the absolute beauty of Swarthmore’s campus in the winter. The snow truly transforms the campus into a winter wonderland.

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