Small Things I’m Thankful for at Swat

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would look back on my favorite small things about Swat that I love and am thankful for. Of course, there are amazing professors, classmates, classes, and etc. but for this article, I wanted to shed some light on the smaller things I think deserve some appreciation at Swat. 

5. The Crum Woods and Long Walks

Starting off strong, we have the beautiful Crum Woods and the ability to take a long walk surrounded by beautiful nature whenever you need to. I cannot stress enough how therapeutic long walks are. Whether I’m stressed about finals or an essay I have to do, a nice long walk in the Crum is a guaranteed way to calm down. You can observe the ducks splashing around and craft a dramatic narrative about why the ducks seem to be fighting or you can stop by the creek and toss a leaf in and watch it drift slowly along as you ease the tension out of your shoulders. The possibilities are endless!

4. Small McCabe Desks

If you know me then you know that I am McCabe stan and I believe it is the superior library for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that on the second floor, there are small desks lined up against the windows. They are small and cozy and have ample outlets available for use. I love retreating to one of these bad boys when I know that I need to get work done. I can set all my stuff up, plug in my laptop, tune into my study playlist, look wistfully out the window when I get bored, and just get stuff done. These small desks in McCabe are my sanctuary.

3. Shane Lounge

The Truth is Out There: What's Going on in the Swarthmore Post Office? -  The Phoenix

Yet another wonderful study/procrastination area for all students! This is a great location for studying because it is centrally located on campus so once you start to feel hungry you can just walk on down to Essie’s or Sharples, once you have class you have a short walk ahead of you, and if you’re ready to go home you are also close to home. I also order a ridiculous amount of stuff from Etsy, so I love how close it is to the mailroom as well. My favorite corner is the one with the couch and the tall pod-like chairs. My friends will invade this space in between classes to attempt to study or just show each other funny YouTube videos. 

2. Sharples Boston Cream Pie

Lazy Boston Cream Pie |

This is the pinnacle of Sharples desserts. The most delicious, the most desirable, the overall best dessert at Sharples. No, I will not take any criticism. I once ate five in one sitting after my last night class. Was it entirely healthy? No. Was it absolutely incredible and a memory that brings me great joy? Yes. There’s just something about the fluffy yellow butter cake and the smooth chocolate glaze that drives me absolutely crazy. I love it so much and every time I see it on the menu for dinner, my day is just a little bit brighter. 

  1. Empty Classrooms

I LOVE empty classrooms. You can snag one to just study or as is more common in my case as a theater major, recite a monologue for class without bothering your roommate. You can also utilize the projectors and watch movies with friends! The duality is wonderful. I once had an essay due and I was lucky enough to grab an empty Kohlberg classroom and grabbed a few snacks from Essie’s and got it done. Then as a treat, my friends and I gathered in that same room and watched Avengers: Infinity War with some pizza from Renato’s. I suggest using 25Live to double-check that you won’t be intruding on any classes and to know your time frame. Overall, one of my favorite small joys of Swat.

Whether it be good food or nice spaces for relaxing and studying, there is a lot that I am thankful for at Swarthmore. During this break, I hope you take time to appreciate your own small wonders at Swat!

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