Fall on Swarthmore's Campus

Swarthmore Fall Favorites

Now that I’m in my last year at Swarthmore, I’ve seen all the seasons go by on campus multiple times and noticed how each season brings out new, amazing things about the College. I still can’t tell you which season is best to be at Swat, but here’s a round-up of my favorite things about campus in the fall.

  • Harvest Dinner: Seriously the best meal at Sharples all year (even better than midnight breakfast during Primal Scream, which I treasure). Harvest dinner is an amazing meal one night in November, and everything is locally sourced from nearby farms and vendors. There are diverse options like chicken, eggplant parmesan, roasted veggies, hot apple cider, and apple pie. It’s like an early Thanksgiving with all your friends!
  • The Ville farmer’s market: In general, the farmer’s market in the nearby Swarthmore Ville is a great place to wander around on weekend mornings. There are stalls all around the town square selling fresh fruit, prepared foods, and everything else you can think of. The apple cider donuts are a must-try!
  • Halloween: Halloween on campus is one of the best nights for so many reasons. First, there’s the Halloween party in the huge Upper Tarble space in Clothier Hall. Everyone dresses up with their friends (last year I was a ladybug) and has a great time. If you’re lucky, you’ll happen to see Izzy, the health center’s therapy dog, all dressed up in her Halloween costume trotting around campus during the day.
Halloween at Swarthmore
Izzy the therapy dog in her Halloween costume!
  • Fall colors: As a New Englander, I’m kind of a snob about fall foliage, but I have to admit Swarthmore does pretty well in that area. Trees on campus turn bright shades of yellow, orange, and red, and it’s an immediate mood booster when you’re on the way to your next class. With the beautiful colors combined with the crisp morning air and your favorite cozy sweater, it feels great to be outside.
  • Food trucks: The Swarthmore Co-Op grocery store in the Ville holds one of the most beloved events of the year each fall – the food truck-a-thon! Food trucks from surrounding towns and even Philadelphia come out to Swarthmore for one night. I recommend not eating for at least 5 hours preceding the event so you can maximize your non-Sharples food intake. Hit a taco stand for the main event, follow it up with a small snack like mac and cheese balls, and then finish it out with a dessert truck selling cupcakes.

Swarthmore’s campus and the surrounding town are so beautiful in the fall, you can’t help but feel happy (even when midterms are looming). Happy fall!

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