What Sharples Meal Are You?

Take this short week-in-the-life quiz to find out.

Make sure to keep track of your answers!

Featured photo of Sharples by Emma Ricci de Lucca

  1. It’s Monday morning and you’re grabbing quick a bite before your 9:55 class. Where are you eating? 

A. Sharples Dining Hall

B. Essie Mae’s  

C. Science Center Coffee Bar 

D. Kohlberg Coffee Bar

2. It’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’ve managed to squeeze in a quick nap between classes. Where do you nap? 

A. Your dorm room 

B. The Amphitheater 

C. Eldridge Commons

D. Parrish Beach 

3. It’s a Wednesday evening and you have some extra time on your hands. Are you…

A. Taking a nap in your dorm room 

B. Hiking/walking in the Crum Woods 

C. Cooking in the Intercultural Center

D. Hanging out with friends in Wharton

4. It’s a Thursday evening and you’re studying for tomorrow’s quiz. Where are you? 

A. McCabe Library

B. Underhill Library

C. Cornell Library

D. Singer Hall  

5. It’s finally Friday and you’re ready to let loose. Are you… 

A. Attending a concert in Olde Club

B. Roasting marshmallows at Crumhenge (in the Crum Woods)

C. Exploring Philadelphia 

D. Attending a dance performance at LPAC

“Crumhenge” photo credits to PJ Huang

You did it! You made it through an entire week at Swarthmore. Time for the big reveal:

If you answered…

Mostly A’s: You are Pasta Bar! On the surface you are consistent, often sticking to a schedule. That said, you are full of surprises and occasionally like to mix things up. You are as versatile and well-liked as pasta.

Mostly B’s: You are Fish Taco Bar! You are adventurous with a love for the outdoors. Like Fish Taco Bar, people tend to love you after getting to know you. Like locally caught fish, you are one with nature.

Mostly C’s: You are Wing Bar! You are outgoing, fun-loving, and spontaneous. Your favorite part of any mealtime is sitting with and meeting new people.

Mostly D’s/ a mixture: You are Salad Bar! Like a Swattie, you are dynamic and multifaceted. You contain multitudes and are at the same time very reliable. People often come to you for advice because you are so resourceful.

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