Things I Learned as a First-Year

As a first-year at Swarthmore, amidst all the readings, papers, and math problems, I discovered things about myself and the community I had just joined, as well as ways to make the most out of my time at Swarthmore. (I learned a few interesting facts here and there to spice up my tours too!) Although this isn’t everything I learned, here are 20 things I learned during my first year at Swat!

1.) Pass/fail is the best! Without it, I’d still be pursuing a major in something I don’t really like.

2.) Professors aren’t as scary as I thought they would be. I love talking to them and even having dinner with them!

3.) Stay hydrated! (Not that hard considering there’s water fountains everywhere on campus. Refer to: The Quest to Find the Perfect Water Fountain)

4.) It’s good to exercise every now and then. Swat makes it super easy with Group Exercise classes.

My friends and I after a pilates class!

5.) Sundae Day is the best dessert day at Sharples. (No, you can’t change my mind.)

6.) It’s good to use as many dining dollars and points as possible, so try out a new food spot!  

7.) It’s fun going to soccer/basketball/rugby/etc. games (especially, when you have friends playing).

8.) Parrish Hall burned down twice! (Maybe that’s why our mascot is a Phoenix…)

9.) People appreciate corny dad jokes on tours. (Thank you prospies—and their parents—for laughing.)

10.) Boba isn’t weird or as gross as I thought it was. (There’s a Kung Fu Tea in Media, the next town over—we have a Media shuttle every Friday and Saturday so you can try it for yourself :))

11.) Movie nights/sleepovers with friends are the best. 

12.) Studying with friends is not always the best idea. Although, it is fun…

13.) Studying in my dorm is also not the best idea—taking a nap is too tempting.

14.) It’s okay to not be busy—it’s always a good idea to set some time for self-care. 

15.) This guy is a Swarthmore Alum!

You might recognize him from the movie, Avatar!

16.) The Sharples Hill is the worst! (But it’s fun to walk down backwards on tours!)

17.) Taking naps in the sunlight on Parrish Beach is underrated. (Cats and dogs are onto something!)

18.) It’s good to get out of your comfort zone—go to a party with your friends, adventure into Philly by yourself (made easy by our train station at the foot of campus), try a new dish at Sharples, etc.

19.) During lunch time, the line at Sci Center Cafe gets super long, so it’s never a bad idea to speed walk from class to get your favorites.

20.) A lot of people walk their dogs on campus—most of the time, they’ll let you pet them!

I’m looking forward to learning more over the next few years!

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