The Non-Partier’s Guide to Saturday Night at Swat

It’s that time of the week again.

It’s a Saturday night, and you’re done with all of your homework (or, at least, you can’t bring yourself to do one more problem in this Calc set). You sit back in your chair and take stock of your surroundings. The sky is just beginning to darken outside; the clock reads 6:47. Your roommate is out with their study group. You have the room to yourself. You could spend the night cozied up watching Netflix, but you think you’re ready to be adventurous and try something new with a few friends. But you hate loud noises and large groups of people. What else could you do?

It’s just a 25-minute ride right into the heart of Philadelphia!

1. Philadelphia

You could meet some friends at the Swarthmore Station and catch the hourly train to Philadelphia. It would be great to get off-campus for a few hours, and there’s a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe you can see a play while you’re there and make a night of it! There are endless possibilities for fun in Philly.

2. Movie Night

Maybe you want to stay a little bit closer to home. An easier trip might be getting on the shuttle to the local movie theater. Take a date or some friends with you to see the next Marvel blockbuster, your favorite book newly adapted, or perhaps a steamy romance. If a classic is more your speed, head to Essie Mae’s, grab a few snacks, and find a Kohlberg classroom (or the LPAC Cinema if it’s free) and watch your favorite movie there instead!

Swarthmore’sTaiko class performances are just one of the many opportunities that you will have to see amazing art at Swarthmore.

3. Performances

There is always something happening on Swarthmore’s campus. There are many events happening on any given night that might be of interest to you. Go and support your friends in an a cappella show, dance performance, art show, choral concert, sports game, or an original theatre piece! Seeing a performance or other show at Swarthmore is a great way of meeting cool new people as well as supporting the arts community.

4. Game Night

Perhaps you want your brain to be a little more active for its entertainment tonight. Check your board game collection (or maybe video games if that’s your poison), and invite people over for a nice night of fun and games.

Hobbs is a favorite for students and town residents alike.

5. Hit the Town

Did you accidentally miss dinner because you were so focused on your work? Go to the Ville, by yourself or with friends, and grab a meal of your choosing. There’s pizza, Mediterranean, Asian fusion, and, if you’re feeling ambitious, fresh ingredients from the Swarthmore Co-Op for you to cook for yourself. You can get all of this using the points on your meal plan, so you won’t have to bring anything besides your OneCard!

6. Give That Party a Shot

You never know. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and have a good time at one of the many parties that is probably happening tonight. There’s a wide variety of different themes and types of parties that occur over the course of the year, and they can be hosted by any number of student groups. If you find one that might interest you, keep an open mind and take a friend with you to check it out!

light night dark working
Sure, it’s not the most social option, but maybe it’s the most fun!

7. Stay Home

Maybe you’re not feeling so social after all. That’s okay! There’s no reason to feel bad about taking another night to yourself. Your bed and Viola Davis’s dynamite performance on How to Get Away with Murder are your friends, too! Saturday night is about enjoying yourself, and how you do it is up to you.

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