Taking Advantage of the Tri-Co

In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned my dance group Rhythm N’ Motion Dance Company (RnM). This dance group is one of my favorite parts about being here at Swarthmore College, but not just because of the dancing. This dance group is considered one of the few groups here on campus that is considered a Tri-Co group. This means that this dance group not only includes students from Swarthmore College, but students from the rest of the Tri-College Consortium (Tri-Co). Students from Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College are allowed to join our group as well.

The Tri-College Consortium is one of many highlights about being a student here at Swarthmore College. This system allows us as students expand our academic and social lives outside of this campus that can sometimes feel a bit redundant after some time here. We can do things like take classes at Bryn Mawr, be part of student groups with students of all three colleges, and so much more with the consortium. It’s worth noting that Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges are also cash-free campuses, which means that a lot of the resources that are available for their students to use are also free for Swarthmore students. This means any academic events, the use of their dining halls, parties/social events, guest lectures, performances, etc. are free for any students in the Tri-College Consortium. 

Founders Hall at Haverford College

In my experience, the Tri-Co system has been a great way to get off campus and away from the typical Swarthmore lifestyle. Because of my affiliation with RnM, I’ve been able to experience Bryn Mawr and Haverford’s dining halls and get out of the typical Sharples dining experience on a weekend. I highly recommend visiting their dining halls once you’re a student, because the variety they have is totally different than what Sharples typically offers. This is free for all Swarthmore students to do, since all you need is a meal pass and you’re good to go and use the dining halls as often as you want at the other colleges. RnM has also allowed me the experience of having friends and having to work with other students from different colleges. I am able to work with other students from different places and, in a way, be able to get that real world experience where I am able to work with people who may not even have the same work schedule as I do. Through the Tri-Co, I’ve also been able to go to a ton of different events such as Bryn Mawr’s Film Series where they show a ton of popular films such as Crazy Rich Asians or A Star is Born. We as students also have access to their parties as well as their social events that they open up to the Tri-Co Consortium.

The Great Hall at Bryn Mawr College

If you come to Swarthmore, I highly recommend taking that Tri-Co shuttle during your free time and getting to experience other campuses. Take a class, eat at their dining hall, go to an event and experience life outside of the Swarthmore College!

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