How to Spend your Summer Before College…

Looking back at my college process, it is hard to believe that just about one year ago today I was in the midst of many feelings that you more recently experienced. Supplemental essays, narrowing down a list of schools, compiling letters of rec, and way too many other tasks to list. And then, senior spring came around. AP (or IB exams for others) were in full swing.

By this time, June of my senior spring, it soon became clear that college was much closer than I thought: three months until orientation. With this in mind, I want to offer some suggestions as to what I feel is best to do during the summer before orientation.

  1. Take some time over the summer to step back and enjoy this time after exams as you await the start of college. As cliche as it might be, this summer offers a great chance to enjoy your friends and family. I particularly think that this timeframe is best spent with your foot a bit off the pedal because many students use their time during the summer while in college conducting research or engaging in internships.
  2. Think about what classes you might want to take in the fall. I know. I did just stress the importance of taking some time away from academics. However, I think spending just a moment considering what types of courses stick out to you for potential ones in the fall will give you some time to explore your interests and embrace the gazillion new classes that you are offered to take in college.
  3. Check out where you will be next year! Whether you can head to campus for a visit or check out the social media of the college, it would have served me (and I know several of my fellow first years) well to have known some of the slang on campus, or, to have been a bit more in the loop with where in the world the dining hall, gym, and different buildings are on campus. (As a side note, I found it best to just reference all the buildings in terms of Parrish Hall, home to the Admissions Office, dorm rooms, and dean’s office.)
  4. Reach out to your roommate! Once you find out who you will be living with next year, I would definitely introduce yourself and get to know them a bit before you all meet on campus. One of the best ways I got to know people was through a group text between my hallmates prior to meeting each other in August.
  5. You made it! Not just to the end of this post, but to the countdown before orientation!

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