College Interviews: Why They’re Not as Scary as They Seem

I remember when I was starting the whole college application process, there was always one thing that I felt could absolutely ruin my chances of getting into school: college interviews.

The idea that one conversation can have an impact on whether or not you will be accepted into the school of your dreams horrified me. I was scared that I would make a terrible first impression and that college door would close.


Thankfully, after sitting through the information session and having my interview at Swarthmore, I learned that college interviews are actually not as daunting as they first appear. While I can’t claim to know much about the interview process at other schools, working as an intern in the Admissions Department this summer gave me some insights on interviews here at Swarthmore.

I learned that college interviews can only help you.

The admissions deans and officers want to know as much as possible about applicants, and the interviews allow them to get to know potential students a little better. The interviewers can be rising seniors or students who have just graduated, so you actually get to talk to someone close to your age. In my opinion, this is less intimidating than if the interview had been with an admissions dean.

Honestly, after my own interviews, the prospective students are the true beneficiaries for college interviews. The interviews (at least at Swarthmore) can be with actual students, so it is the perfect opportunity to learn about a student’s experience at the school.

Drone photo of Parrish Hall

I absolutely loved my interview at Swarthmore. My interviewer and I had a fabulous, stress-free conversation. If you’re still nervous about interviews, I can tell you the first thing I said in my interview was that I hated history, and my interviewer was a history major. Guess what: I still had a good time and attend Swarthmore.

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