The Summers of Endless Tours – My College Selection Process

My first exposure to the college application process was through my older brother. My mom dragged my younger brother and I along on one of his information sessions and tours when we were both in grade school, but, based on our constant complaining, refused to bring us to any more of his tours. Little did she know, my attitude towards college visits changed drastically when I entered high school, and we started going on tours right after my freshman year. Already knowing that I wanted to attend a small liberal arts school, my mother and I went on approximately 23 college information sessions and tours during my high school summers. Admittedly, despite my rigorous attempts at separating each visit with pro/con lists and countless pamphlets from each institution, the many visits started to blend together. I can’t tell you how many times I heard about student/professor ratios, small class sizes, holistic review, and the countless other things that small liberal arts school had in common.
I felt like I was in an endless loop until my older brother came up to me at the start of the summer after my sophomore year and told me about his visit to Swarthmore College. He mentioned that, after his visit, both he and my mother thought this would be the perfect place for me. Thankful for some input, I decided to check it out.
After showing up for my information session and tour, a part of me was already convinced this would be the school for me. The campus was, and is still, absolutely stunning, and the people I met were incredibly welcoming and genuine. They legitimately loved Swarthmore and were extremely passionate about their time here. I had never sat through a more engaging information session where, right off the bat, I learned things about Swarthmore that set it apart—like the pass-fail semester, fun traditions, and incredible opportunities available to students—instead of the repetitive statistics and definitions. The students I met on the tour were so enthusiastic and driven, and it was obvious that they treasured every moment at Swat.
Photo by Maya Zimmerman ’21
From that point on, I was sold on Swarthmore. I met with the Women’s Basketball coach, had the chance to spend the night with members of the team, and sat in on some of their classes. Listening to some the of the professors, I can honestly say I have never seen more passionate people in my life.
I ultimately decided to apply Fall Early Decision to Swarthmore, and I couldn’t be happier. Having just finished my first year at Swat, I met more people, had more fun, and learned more than I thought possible. I found a place that was the perfect fit for me, and I can’t wait for the next three years!

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