From the Creator of Swarthmore Dogspotting

649 followers. 108 posts. Thousands of likes. This is how you build an empire.

It all started when, during one of the first weeks of school, a golden retriever ran up Parrish Beach to greet me and my friends. It was amazing.


If you’re anything like me, you love dogs. I love dogs. Like, I really, really love dogs. Seeing them completely makes my day.

Lucky for me, Swarthmore has a ton of dogs on campus. And so began Swarthmore Dogspotting: The Instagram.

Staying true to Swarthmore’s Quaker values by following back every Swat student, the ‘gram grew rapidly. At first, it was just me and my friends who found dogs and took pictures of them. But soon, the submissions started rolling in. My DMs were slid into many, many times. Some highlights include:


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I am proud to call myself a dogspotter, and I’m proud of the community-building efforts Swatties have engaged in to make this Instagram thrive. Bark on, dogspotters.

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