Essie Mae’s Declassified Food Survival Guide

During the summer, the dining options are less extensive on campus. However, I still have to eat. I have become a frequent customer at Essie Mae’s, our snack bar at the College. Because of the innumerable amount of meals I have eaten at this establishment, I have picked up a few hacks and tips to make my time at Essie Mae’s the best that it can be.

1. Ginger ale: The worst feeling in the world is when you crave a can of ginger ale, but they’re completely out of the beverage at Essie Mae’s. Instead of waiting until the following week to quench your thirst, you can make your own at the soda fountain. Fill your glass mostly with Sprite and then a splash of Coke.

2. Free meal: If you are obsessed with the fine delicacies offered at Essie’s and don’t want to pay for every snack you purchase, start working as a staff member at Essie Mae’s. If you work a single shift, you get to enjoy a free meal.

3. Chicken quesadilla hack: The staff at Essie Mae’s prepares the chicken quesadillas a night before they’re served. If you want a fresh cheesy tortilla snack, all you have to do is order a quesadilla with an extra ingredient and they craft a new one.

4. Sauces: Because there are only a few dining facilities open on campus during the summer, it’s easy to get tired of your regular order of chicken fingers and fries. In order to change up your order, feel free to add some sauces into the mix. With options like red pepper aioli and pesto mayo, it’s easy to try out new flavors.



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