The Art of Procrastinating

Procrastination is easy to do at Swarthmore. We all do it; however, to do it effectively is an art that all Swatties must master to avoid work while simultaneously feeling productive. Finding your crush on Facebook or watching a video of people making food that you know you will never make is great, but after you finally dig yourself out of that hole of un-productivity, you feel like you wasted an hour of your life that you will never get back. There are simply better ways to procrastinate. Luckily, Swarthmore has all that you need.

Go to Cornell first

Cornell Science Library is a deceptive place. First off, it has the word library in it which suggests you will be focused and hard-working while getting your work done. Second, adding the word “science” in there makes it appear like a serious place for serious scholars. Do not be fooled. Cornell is the social library, and the first floor is the most social of all. With large booths, bright open spaces and no restrictions on food, drink, or sound, this library is more like a social space where homework is sometimes accomplished. Therefore, if you want to feel as if you are being a proactive student going to the library, go to Corn first.

Treat yo’self at the coffee bar

You’ve had a tough day of barely doing your work. You’re feeling tired and really need to get your caffeine fix if you’re going to ever finish that question you started two hours ago. Before you go to the coffee bar, see if your friends would want anything. You will appear gracious and kind, all the while increasing the time you are away from your work. Once, there take a stroll. Decide if you also want some gummies or chips. Choosing a drink will also take time. Do you do one shot or two of espresso? Well, at the rate you’re going with work, it will be a long night.  

Have a conversation about politics, artificial intelligence, or aquascaping

College is supposed to be a transformative learning experience where you learn from both your professors and your peers. For the sake of collaborative learning, you really should have that 15-minute conversation about GMOs. There is so much to learn from talking to other Swatties about their passions, experiences, or just what’s on their mind. Even better, none of that learning has to involve that work you are currently trying to do. So take a second and listen to your peers. You won’t regret it (until 3 a.m., when your paper still isn’t done).

Do some clubs or sports or something

Extracurriculars are the finest form of procrastination. With all the clubs there are at Swat, there is bound to be one for you. So, take the night off and go to a film screening, or volunteer in Philly. Better yet, you can put this on your resume or CV, so aren’t you being really proactive and productive by pushing off your homework to go play frisbee? The best kind of procrastination is the productive kind.   

Your workload can be a bit overwhelming. But, take these steps to give yourself a little break.  

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