Springtime for Swatties

Spring is my favorite season. The weather is beautiful, the flowers are in bloom, and the end-of-the-school-year excitement builds up. Peoples’ moods are lively just from the extra sun and pops of color around them. Coming to Swarthmore, where there are more trees than students, I looked forward to spring the most. Now that I am here, I have learned that spring at Swarthmore is very different from being home. Spring at home meant driving with the windows down, getting Rita’s Italian Ice (not water ice), and sitting out on my back porch to do homework. However, at Swat I don’t have a car, there isn’t a Rita’s, and unfortunately Mertz has not added a balcony to my double. Although my spring now appears completely different, Swat has quickly become my favorite place for my favorite season.  This is because Swat was made for springtime.

A Swat spring means. . .

Meals outside with pals

Having been cooped up inside all winter, spring finally gives Swatties a chance to escape the indoors. As a result, few miss their opportunity when it comes to lunchtime on a warm spring day. After class, the texts come in with plans to get take-out and eat outside. My friends and I run into Sharples, get our favorite items, and head out for a spot on the grass. Of course, we are never the only people to think of this. Parrish Beach is covered in blankets and backpacks as students form patches of lively conversation on the bright green grass. Without a doubt, people have claimed the large Adirondack chair—a Swarthmore staple—which can hold an entire group of people. However, sunny and warm days are also great for a relaxing lunch on your own. I often prop myself against a tree, listen to a playlist of new finds and old favorites, and enjoy the scenery.  The best meals to eat outside are those you grill yourself. Getting veggies, buns, and burgers from Sharples to have a cookout with friends is easy. Nothing can go wrong with some good friends, good food, good weather, and good vibes. Although Sharples has some beautiful architecture, the vibrant flowers and cool breeze draw out even the most reclusive Swattie.

Studying next to, under, between, and inside Swat’s various plants

As established, Swarthmore is not lacking in trees. Therefore, if you’re studying outside there is most definitely a tree in the vicinity. With the sun calling my name, I almost never miss my chance to spend down time outside. With tables around Sci, chairs outside Kohlberg, and benches scattered throughout campus, there’s no excuse to not find a spot for an outdoor study break. If you aren’t feeling a chair, just use a jacket or blanket and lay out on the grass. Trees make great shaded places or a beautiful scenery; they also make great supports to hitch up a hammock to read, write, or nap in. The options truly are endless. Of all the gorgeous places to work at Swat, some stand out as the best and brightest (quite literally). The garden between Sci and Martin is splendid, secluded, and shaded, but often occupied, so snag a spot if you can. You don’t even need to be tied inside to use a chalkboard, because Swat has many outdoor walls that double as a writing surface. The wall behind the entrance towards Sci 199 has a beautiful flowerbed that lines the soft grass, making it a great place to stand and write or sit and read. Finally, the Scott Arboretum’s offices have a garden behind them. The cozy architecture of the building and the sharp design of the garden create a feeling reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings and a garden fit for English royalty. All create a breathtaking view best seen at the bench under an ivy covered trellis. Swat, despite its small size, has countless spots, and even though everyone has their favorites, discovering new ones is just as exciting.

Finally a WARM Spring Season

As a student-athlete of a spring sport, spring means warm practice. Although we’ve been practicing since February (which is still winter), the arrival of spring creates a huge change. Spring means ditching the Under Armor and finally practicing in shorts under the sun, even during late practices (thanks Daylight Savings Time). Having great weather for practices and games gives us all an extra burst of energy. Nice weather for games also means dogs and burgers. Not hotdogs (but we do grill burgers), but actual dogs. Canine fans making those game days great days. In addition, it wouldn’t be spring season without our spring break trip. The trip is a great excuse to get off campus and focus on lacrosse for a week. Equally great is beach time, team activities, and getting to live with your friends for a week. We made team dinners, biked for hours, and walked away with close friendships and a win on our record. Spring truly makes our season great.


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