Favorite Spots on Campus

As I was coming up with my favorite locations on campus, I decided to divide them up into three different categories: studying spots, aesthetically pleasing spots, and “comfort” spots.

TOP STUDYING SPOTS (where I get the most work done)

1. Cornell Basement in the Science Center- The tables in Cornell basement are pretty big which allows people to study with good company. I know some people can’t work with friends around, but I find the vibe to be supportive and more enjoyable.


2. Underhill- Great view, comfy chairs.


3. Parrish Parlors- I really like the interior of Parrish parlors with the chandelier lights and old paintings on the walls. Plus, someone might be playing improv jazz or slow ballads on the piano, which is a plus for me.


TOP AESTHETICALLY PLEASING SPOTS (where the architecture and nature scenes are on point)

1. Circular bench near the Amphitheater- Since the bench is located at the top of the Amphitheater, the elevation allows you to see awesome sunrises/sunsets peaking through the Crum Woods.


2. Swing hanging on the giant tree behind Sharples- Commonly occupied by families with young children and Swatties avoiding work.


3. Kohlberg courtyard- I pass through this courtyard everyday on my way to classes, and it always puts me in a good mood.


4. The steps and archway to Bond Hall- This is kind of an obscure location, and I realize not a lot of people hang out on steps…but I like taking calls or reading here when the weather is nice. The building provides guaranteed shade, and it’s super close to my dorm (Willets).

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TOP “COMFORT” SPOTS (where I need a break and I need to decompress)

1. My bed- I’m sure everyone loves their bed; this one doesn’t really need an explanation.


2. Ice Cream Sundae bar- It literally hits the spot.


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