A Day in the Life of a Tour Guide

Hey everybody! It’s Isabel again, and I am here to guide you through the life of a guide. We do a lot of things other than give tours so now you get a sneak peek into our lives of daring adventure and mystery.

7:00AM – Wake up, shower, brush teeth, ab workout.

7:45AM – Make breakfast, dawdle.

9:00AM – Arrive at work, say hi to Carolyn, Kevin, Stacy, Sue, Dee, and Yvetta, bust out the envelopes to mail to prospective juniors, seniors, and transfer students, start writing blog posts and unpacking old envelopes, various odds and ends whenever they need to be done.

10:00AM – Tour, usually this is the biggest tour of the day. We generally go down 10 minutes before to scope out the scene and see how many tour guides need to give a tour.

11:00AM – Return from tour, go back to envelopes, etc. We talk a lot in the office about various issues that come up in the news like the Hobby Lobby case, whether or not you should be able to sue Instragram if an Instagram photo of you becomes a popular but unflattering meme, things like that. We also listen to BBC documentaries and TED talks while we are stuffing envelopes and there will be the occasional dance break. I bring a lot of food to snack on during the day.

12:00PM – Tour, hot.

1:00PM – Lunch, either at Essie Mae’s (the snack bar) or brought from home.

2:00PM – Tour, leisurely because we don’t have to get the tour group back for an info session so we can be a little late.

4:00PM – Go home, often I will stop by the Media Center or the CS labs to see friends there before I head back to Kyle, eat midafternoon snack.

5:15PM – MWF: Volleyball, TH: Ultimate Frisbee, T: Gym.

Muriel, a badass junior rugby player.
Muriel, a badass junior rugby player.

7:00PM – make dinner, something along the lines of this or this.

after dinner-11:00PM: write Daily Gazette Articles, do political science research, learn econ and chinese, do things for the orientation committee, read, clean room, write letters, dawdle.

11:00PM – sleeeep.

Woke up like this
Woke up like this

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